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Insurance Policy

Insurance Two Wheeler Policy Overview

The National Insurance Company is India's biggest and oldest preferred coverage business enterprise that offers custom designed and comprehensive coverage plans. It is the handiest public zone trendy coverage organisation to provoke product optimization of each corporate and rural insurance plans. General coverage of this institution is an critical place in which the enterprise guarantees to supply a product that meets the wishes of the common guy. There are multiple coverage plans inclusive of motor coverage plans,  wheeler coverage plans, health insurance plans, rural insurance plans, commercial coverage plans, industrial risk coverage plans, personal twist of fate plans, home coverage plans and other kinds of coverage, which tailors and customers. Friendly and fully obvious

Here we are able to talk approximately the National Insurance Two Wheeler Insurance Plans.

Why two wheeler coverage plans are required?

Two-wheeler vehicles have always been taken into consideration critical property of our lives. But riding a two-wheeler vehicle is constantly dangerous and surely volatile and we constantly must be cautious and careful. But accidents can manifest at any time due to no longer following traffic guidelines or due to some untoward incidents. And this is the cause why vehicle coverage plans have to be availed to defend yourself and cover all unexpected fees. Not most effective that, but natural disasters can also occur at any time and protection in opposition to such an unpleasant occasion is also very crucial. So it is of utmost importance to avail the car coverage plan due to the fact:

  • Protecting a -wheeler automobile is one of the maximum essential belongings and investments.
  • Plans allow payment of clinical bills in case of twist of fate.
  • In case of accident associated litigation the coverage enterprise will take care whether the auto insurance plan has been availed.
  • This plan protects property lost due to litigation for which the individual has labored tough. And the plans maintain the coverage holder to make certain the satisfactory cost to be paid to the man or woman.
  • The automobile insurance plan can pay not only for injuries and herbal failures however additionally for robbery and vandalism. Plans are very well designed and are customized to fulfill the requirements.

Eventually; When the coverage holder walks out with his -wheeler there may be peace of mind. He knows that he has automobile insurance plans so that you can deal with him and the car in case of any unforeseen situations.

Every -wheeler proprietor have to have an coverage plan that provides insurance for 1/3 birthday party injury, demise or assets harm. Therefore, National Insurance offers a complete -wheeler insurance plan that protects the car from any untoward incidents. Two-wheeler insurance plans must be selected very cautiously so that the plan covers the protection of self and vehicle.

Why take a National Insurance Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy?

  • National insurance two-wheeler coverage plans have some unique functions and blessings which can be as follows:
  • Low cost coverage plans with custom designed insurance are available.
  • Fast and problem free cashless claim service is to be had.
  • A no claim bonus is likewise to be had.
  •  Swift and faster claim settlement technique.
  • One can discover the claim popularity on-line.
  • The present No Claim Bonus can be transferred from every other insurance agency. Here we are able to see the assessment of the National Insurance Two-Wheeler Insurance Plan.

National Insurance Two-Wheeler Policy Coverage

There are two types of covers which are to be had under the plan, particularly:

  • Liability best cowl: This plan is in opposition to any criminal legal responsibility after an twist of fate. It covers the risks stated below: Package Cover: Under this plan, it covers all of the liabilities as according to the Motor Vehicles Act, as well as the losses due to the car. It is a complete motor plan overlaying the risks of 0.33 parties and lack of own vehicle, co-passenger or self. The following reasons are covered within the plan due to lack of own vehicle to the coverage holder:
  • Third birthday celebration harm or demise
  • Property harm (Third birthday party belongings harm up to Rs 7.5 lakh)

  • Whirling, burglary or robbery in the residence: This plan covers charges that should be incurred beneath housebreaking, housebreaking or theft.
  • Fire, explosion, self-ignition or mild: This plan covers the prices that a fireplace, explosion has to undergo.
  • Malicious Act: The plan also consists of malicious acts.
  • Terrorist Act: Human activities of terrorists have also been included in this plan.
  • Riot and strike: Under this plan, riots and strike are also protected. Earthquake and fire: both land
  • Kamp and fireplace are considered the most commonplace incidence in the lifestyles cycle
  • Therefore, this plan also covers these two crucial unpleasant activities.
  • Incidents involving outside approach.
  • Natural screw ups like flood, hurricane, hurricane, storm, cyclone, hail, typhoon and inundation have also been included below this plan.
  • Landslide or Rockslide is protected beneath the package deal plan.

Subject to depreciation deduction at the prices stated underneath in appreciate of parts:

I) For all rubber / nylon / plastic parts, tires, tubes and batteries - 50%
Ii) For fiber glass components - 30%
Iii) For all components manufactured from glass - zero
Iv) Depreciation charge for all different parts along with the wooden elements as in step with the schedule given under:

The essential exclusions are as follows:

  • consequential loss
  • Wear and tear
  • Driving with an unlawful driving license and alcohol consumption
  • Civil war, loss due to war
  • Use over personal functions and limitations
  • Use over specified limits
  • Damage to tires and tubes till the two-wheeler vehicle itself has been broken. Under this plan, the organisation will pay handiest 50% of the substitute price.
  • Loss or damage to goods because of residence breaking or theft
  • Any accidental loss due to consumption of alcohol, tablets.


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